• Camera di San Paolo by Correggio, five hundred years old and still rocking – Margherita Fontanesi
  • Giovanna Piacenza: the power of an abbess – Michela Alessandrini
  • Bodoni: the printer who unveiled the young Correggio – Laura Dabbene
  • When the Wolf leaves its paw: a comic painter – Laura Fornasari
  • From bottom upward: Eroticism in Correggio’s paintings – Petra Cason
  • The Last Night, a short film through time – Laura Fornasari
  • Surrealism from Bar Sport (Correggio, about 1500-2000) – Luca Ferrari
  • ®11 – Andrea Di Betta
  • David LaChapelle and the turn of the Sistine Chapel – Barbara Picci
  • Andrea Saltini, Ritual de lo Habitual – Marta Santacatterina
  • Pseudointerview with Patrizia Farinelli  – Sergio Sozi
  • Caravaggio in X-ray  – Marta Santacatterina
  • Sister arts: a journey between Kandinsky and Cage – Marta Santacatterina
  • In search of Bora  – Maddalena Bardin

Cover by Armando Chitolina


  • New York is a Trieste Adrift – Petra Cason
  • Italy-Usa: Magazzino Italian Art –Kaitlin Larkin
  • Noise and light: New York according to Giacomo Bevilacqua – Laura Fornasari
  • A cover for the Big Apple – Michela Alessandrini
  • A secret in the bowels of New York: Track 61 – Andrea Di Betta
  • An Uncensored Index: Andy Warholís Artistís Book – Laura Dabbene
  • “New Jersey, New Jersey” – Luca Ferrari
  • The Americans “on the road” by Robert Frank – Barbara Picci
  • And the crazy world is rolling forward – Sergio Sozi
  • Ghosts do not exist, it seems. Travel to Ellis Island – Elide La Vecchia
  • Natural Artifices: Journey to Arte Sella – Marta Santacatterina
  • Queen of Scotland: The film about Mary Stuart  – Lara Maria Ferrari
  • Dream Libraries: The Theater Library of Reggio Emilia  – Francesca Codeluppi
  • Short stories in the square “La Quara” – Marta Santacatterina

Cover by Andrea Chiesi


  • Editorial – Marta Santacatterina
  • Elizabeth on the dresser: the gadgets of the queen – Francesca Codeluppi
  • Auxiliary Territorial Service, Junior Commander – Andrea Di Betta
  • The (feathered) head of England – Petra Cason
  • Five curiosities about teatime – Michela Alessandrini
  • God save the Queen, the fascist regime” – Luca Ferrari
  • The sovereign reader (and bibliophile) – Laura Dabbene
  • Believe in unbelievable: Damien Hirst’s latest endeavour – Marta Santacatterina
  • Missing words. Interview with Laura Pariani – Sergio Sozi
  • Magazzini del Sale, the mobile museum – Barbara Picci
  • TV series, the most beautiful is from New Zealand – Lara Ferrari
  • Conrad Marca-Relli and his Abstract Expressionism – Kate Larkin

Cover by Banksy


  • Editorial – Marta Santacatterina
  • Futurism or magic? Both, with Depero – Michela Alessandrini
  • Campo Grafico: Closing in futuristic sauce – Laura Dabbene
  • Bragaglia and Boccioni: Scuffle on Futurist photography – Barbara Picci
  • The strange creature of a jester – Salvo Taranto
  • Futurist music: 1910-1911 – Luca Ferrari
  • Down with pasta! Conversation on Futurist Kitchen – Michela Alessandrini
  • The style sits on a Red and Blue Chair – Petra Cason
  • From one love. Short ring-a-ring-o-roses with Ljubljana – Sergio Sozi
  • Eyes focused on Keith Haring – Elide La Vecchia
  • Kate Beaton: Rewriting History. In comics – Laura Fornasari
  • Quick Sands of Feelings – Lara Ferrari
  • Bologna Children’s Book Fair, a place where what is child outgrows – Elide La Vecchia
  • Acqua Alta (High Water), the most beautiful bookshop in the world – Roberto Righi
  • A Pixel with mustache – Cecilia Mistrali

Cover by Ale Giorgini: Avantissimo Depero


  • Editorial – Marta Santacatterina
  • “Magna Comitissa” between two Titans – Marta Santacatterina
  • The Power of the Word: Hildegard – Laura Dabbene
  • In a group of elected: Mary Shelley – Laura Fornasari
  • Coco Chanel. A Determined Woman – Petra Cason
  • Queen of artists: Peggy Guggenheim – Barbara Picci
  • Margherita Sarfatti: she led the “Return to order” – Michela Alessandrini
  • Agatha, an unfinished portrait – Elide La Vecchia
  • Nothing but Divina: Maria Callas – Lara Ferrari
  • Moana, a sex mystic – Lara Ferrari
  • The obligation of the word: Oriana Fallaci – Salvo Taranto
  • A Pixel with mustache – Cecilia Mistrali
Cover by Chiara Berta

fermomag 11

  • Editorial – Marta Santacatterina
  • A lonely Empress, and her murderer – Michela Alessandrini
  • Venini: glass line – Marta Santacatterina
  • Stories of hands: not only a book – Roberto Righi
  • Caccia Dominioni & Catilina, the Chair of the New Italian Bourgeoisie – Petra Cason
  • His Majesty, the Pork: the work of Giulio Cesare Croce – Laura Dabbene
  • Looking for Corto Maltese- Laura Fornasari
  • Turin smells of paper. InternationalSalvo Taranto
  • Gianni Berengo Gardin: from Mini Minor to the Calendar 2017 of the State Police – Barbara Picci
  • Will aliens, or singing koalas, save us? – Lara Ferrari
  • Books among the ruins – Elide La Vecchia
  • What remains of a war – Maddalena Bardin

Cover by Nino Migliori


  • Editorial – Marta Santacatterina
  • Stories are yellow like a blue cat – Elide La Vecchia
  • Bruno Munari: Prelibri and the art game – Barbara Picci
  • Cinema that is good for puppies – Lara Ferrari
  • Melina and Pallino: design inspired by grandmothers’ games – Petra Cason
  •  The discovery of small shadows – Marta Santacatterina
  • Barbie. One of Us
  • What a show up! What a sticker! – Salvo Taranto
  • A Pixel with mustache – Cecilia Mistrali

Cover by Elisa Bertaglia

fermomag 10

  • Editorial – Marta Santacatterina
  • We present you “Il cannone tuona continuamente…”– Andrea Di Betta
  • At the station you can find what you are not looking for– Elide La Vecchia
  • Not only floral – Lara Ferrari
  • Carlo Bugatti, pioneer of Italian Art Nouveau – Petra Cason Olivares
  • A book does not live only of its text– Laura Dabbene
  • A poster to convince, a poster to enchant – Marta Santacatterina
  • Great desire of Belle Époque
  • “La Lettura”, waiting for the turn of the new century – Silvia Magistrali
  • Duke and immortal: David Bowie – Salvo Taranto
  • The dialectical oppositions by David D’Elia – Barbara Picci
  • A Pixel with mustache – Cecilia Mistrali

fermomag eroticism special

  • Editorial – Marta Santacatterina
  • Sex between them two – Gaia Pece
  • Perturbing Balthus – Marta Santacatterina
  • What remains of “loves”, according to Grazia Nidasio – Silvia Magistrali
  • The introspective poetic by Turi Avola – Barbara Picci
  • 35 mm of pleasure – Lara Ferrari
  • Absolutely “must”: the Pirelli calendar – Cinzia Munari
  • Burlesque, but with good taste!
  • Absolute perfection – Luigi Alfieri
  • Sharp and sensual: high heels
  • A Pixel with mustache – Cecilia Mistrali

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