• New York is a Trieste Adrift – Petra Cason
  • Italy-Usa: Magazzino Italian Art –Kaitlin Larkin
  • Noise and light: New York according to Giacomo Bevilacqua – Laura Fornasari
  • A cover for the Big Apple – Michela Alessandrini
  • A secret in the bowels of New York: Track 61 – Andrea Di Betta
  • An Uncensored Index: Andy Warholís Artistís Book – Laura Dabbene
  • “New Jersey, New Jersey” – Luca Ferrari
  • The Americans “on the road” by Robert Frank – Barbara Picci
  • And the crazy world is rolling forward – Sergio Sozi
  • Ghosts do not exist, it seems. Travel to Ellis Island – Elide La Vecchia
  • Natural Artifices: Journey to Arte Sella – Marta Santacatterina
  • Queen of Scotland: The film about Mary Stuart  – Lara Maria Ferrari
  • Dream Libraries: The Theater Library of Reggio Emilia  – Francesca Codeluppi
  • Short stories in the square “La Quara” – Marta Santacatterina

Cover by Andrea Chiesi

Editorial by Marta Santacatterina

Holidays have long since gone, all are now at work, but the urge to travel, to take a train or a plane is irresistible. It is not always possible to reach the goals we dream, and in this case we rely on books, magazines, travel stories to fly with imagination to the other side of the world, where a city that does not need presentations is waiting for us.

To the Big Apple we dedicate this fermomag – starting with the cover illustrated by a painting by Andrea Chiesi – and, as is customary, we present it to you with multiple and absolutely trivial points of view, to make you feel evocative atmospheres such as the stop, now closed, of the Waldorf Hotel’s reserved subway to retrace another history site, Ellis Island, through the images of street artist JR, to listen to Frank Sinatra’s voice and look into the eyes of The Americans by Robert Frank. But if you think of New York as a solid reference point in contemporary art, you can not go and browse through the brilliant projects by Andy Warhol and his Factory, like the book of artists – indeed “children’s book for hipsters” – Designed in 1967 and still remains a model for publishers of original, pop-up products, of books made with unique paper-based solutions.

For today’s New York, we have chosen three perspectives starting from our country: first of all, a new museum that hosts the private collection of Nancy Olnick and Giorgio Spanu, made up of a remarkable collection of works of Italian Poetry Art. Then the graphic interpretation of the city given by the young comic book Giacomo Bevilacqua, and finally a suggestion to who, sooner or later, will visit the metropolis: call Ricky Russo, a Triestine who invented the Walking Tours to find out, also through the testimonies of street art, the neighborhoods lived by the many myths that populate our musical, cinematic and literary baggage. Do you know if Ricky also has something in store for the writer who perhaps best represents the Big Apple? In doubt, fermomag suggests the review of Man in the Dark, Paul Auster’s latest novel, perhaps read on the plane while crossing the Atlantic.

In addition to the thousands of lights in New York, we’ve devoted the mag-lock articles to some “jewels” perhaps not known, but absolutely precious. Art Sella, in the heart of the Dolomites, is a place where contemporary art and nature blend in perfect harmony. The autumn there offers to sight and senses amazing foliage and we recommend to those in the area not to miss the experience. From the woods of the Veneto to those of Parmense, the pace is short, especially when the call is given by a prestigious literary prize and named after the delightful square where the awards ceremony takes place: La Quara of Borgotaro. A leap and we are in a bookstore at the Theater of Reggio Emilia, while those who are fond of cinema can not escape the preview of Mary, Queen of Scots, which we publish together with some pictures of Scotland’s landscapes … another dream destination for diving into nature, after the glittering skyscrapers of New York?