Fermomag n.0

  • The courage of poetry: According to autumn laws
  • Blue lilies, the Farnese as you have never read
  • Hugo Pratt, nemo propheta in patria
  • Moebius in Grubert’s world
  • Cake design: art and tradition
  • The bassa, Tokyo and the logs: Gianni Pezzani
  • Nicoletta Ceccoli: the noir side of fairy tales
  • Design in 400 words: Willow
  • Design in 400 words: Ottavio the forgetful
  • The fairy-tale macrocosm by Wes Anderson
  • Happy drawings and crazy animals: Luka Va
  • When steampunk becomes sound and performance
  • David Linch in Lucca: found visions
  • Mermaids? They are real…
  • A Pixel with mustache