fermomag eroticism special

  • Editorial – Marta Santacatterina
  • Sex between them two – Gaia Pece
  • Perturbing Balthus – Marta Santacatterina
  • What remains of “loves”, according to Grazia Nidasio – Silvia Magistrali
  • The introspective poetic by Turi Avola – Barbara Picci
  • 35 mm of pleasure – Lara Ferrari
  • Absolutely “must”: the Pirelli calendar – Cinzia Munari
  • Burlesque, but with good taste!
  • Absolute perfection – Luigi Alfieri
  • Sharp and sensual: high heels
  • A Pixel with mustache – Cecilia Mistrali

This issue is the result of a competition. “Eroticism in the footsteps of Anaïs Nin” was the title, and the winner was Gaia Pece, with the story published here, The Sex Between The Two Of Them. To the winner is dedicated the “eroticism Special”, and we congratulate with her for style and originality with which she dealt with a subject that at first glance may seem ordinary, but on balance it is difficult. It is too easy to lapse into vulgarity, too easy to write pages by inserting a sex episode without wondering if “eroticism” is just that, or even too easy to be so “soft” as to be not at all erotic. Gaia Pece has involved us, amazed us, even made us a bit ‘shocked, and it was what we wanted.
So we decided to build an entire magazine that had eros as its leitmotif, asking us, first of all, how to interpret it. Not just sex, although the definition of Treccani dictionary identifies it with “all the manifestations of the sexual instinct on both the psychological and emotional level and behavior.” For Fermomag eroticism has strictly to do with desire, and in our view, even with a touch of irony that is able to downplay it, which leads to daily life with lightness and elegance.
And if eros is almost always women, for the cover we deliberately chose the portrait of a boy, one of the last works by the artist Andrea Saltini: beautiful, surrounded by flamingos, and with that ecstatic attitude painted on the face of those who live the revelation of a fundamental force of the universe.
According to our style, we offer articles ranging from art to design, skimming some absolute must of eroticism and allowing you to discover illustrators and photographers who offer faceted visions and sensory pleasure. Painting is dedicated to Balthus, whom is just finished an amazing retrospective in Rome that investigated thoroughly and showed his poetic works of unparalleled quality. For photography, we propose Turi Avola, next to an undisputed cornerstone of the female nude, the Pirelli calendar, which for 2016 was realized with the shots – almost entirely chaste – by Annie Leibovitz. Too easy to choose among the illustrators, the most famous ones, whose feminine forms are part of the erotic imagination of so many people … and then I want to impress you with the mocking irony of Grazia Nidasio and her Gabriele D’Annunzio with the Marquise Rudini, because we find the delicious designs and at the same time debunking of a myth that the author presents in night suit.
Still, to complete the erotic scene: the memorable movie scenes that culminate in the dialogue between Eve Marie Saint and Cary Grant in North by Northwest by Alfred Hitchcock, the refined Burlesque by Betty Rose, and the emblem of female sensuality: the stiletto heel which has fascinated the observer worn on stunning legs. Last but not least, Luigi Alfieri, recently returned from Thailand, offered us a small unpublished accompanied tale of his photos. Protagonist? The orchid, of course: is there a more sensual flower?
And now good, exciting reading, to all of you!